We're starting a new chapter!

Bell Bassoons has relocated its manufacturing operations to a practical and historic location in Peterborough Ontario. The new site is located adjacent to the Canadian General Electric plant built in 1891, prior to the merger of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company which created General Electric. The beautifully-maintained red brick complex we now occupy was originally a part of the constellation of buildings which GE created surrounding its massive main plant. Since the decline of manufacturing in the 1970s, the complex has been home to a variety of companies from publishers and industrial welders, to a rock-climbing gym and an axe-throwing club.

You can read about our company's history here.

Bell Bassoons -
Manufacturing Workshop

280 Perry St Unit 14
Peterborough Ontario Canada
K9J 2J4

info @ bellbassoons.com
+1 (705) 775-1088

Bell Bassoons -
Repair Workshop

2126 McCracken's Landing Rd
Douro-Dummer Ontario Canada
K0L 2H0