When purchasing a bocal there are three variables to consider: the bore; the thickness of the wall and the length.

Three bores are available in the modern style. They will all have a two letter designation, the second letter indicating wall thickness.  

  • C -standard, normal bore.
  • V -adjust 3rd octave.
  • E -adjust lowest octave.

 One bore is available in the "prewar" style. It will have a single letter designation, indicating only wall thickness.

All of our bocals are available with a normal (C"C") or thin (C"D") wall.

Available lengths are 1,2,3 -1 being the shortest and 3 being the longest.

$850.00 Canadian (plus shipping)

contra bassoon bocals
We currently supply a CC-type bocal for the contra bassoon in both thin and thick wall construction.

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