The purpose of the large diameter barrel (31mm) is twofold. It contributes to a better profile on the edges (rails) of the cane and it better fits the larger diameter of contra cane. The barrel is 6" (151mm) long making it suitable for contra bassoon reeds as well.

Two Choices of Pins

We offer 2 choices of pins in the barrel as the shape ground into these pins directly affects the side to center relationship of the profile. The first pin type is flat. It produces a well defined "spine" and "channel" type profile. The second pin type is ground on an eccentric which produces a profile that blends the center to side smoothly without an actual "spine".

Both pin types produce a similar relationship of thickness, side to center. About .0095" or .24mm at the tip of a shaped piece of cane, half that amount at the "collar". The pins are ground in place and preset at the factory and should not be removed from the barrel. If a customer wishes to have the option of both styles of scrape, we offer a second barrel @ $250.00. Barrels with different pin types are interchangeable in Bell profilers and will produce the same overall thicknesses without the need to add or subtract shims.